International Women’s Day at Benach Collopy

International Women’s Day at Benach Collopy


Benach Collopy celebrates our first International Women’s Day as an entirely woman-owned law firm.  Not only that, Benach Collopy, for the moment, is staffed exclusively by women.  On this International Women’s Day, we reflect not only on our mothers and sisters, but also on the many women clients we have helped over the years and today.  We remain awed by their strength, their courage and their willingness to risk it all for their children and their families.  We also want to take time to think about the women here who work so hard behind Ava and Dree on behalf of our clients.



Satsita Muradova

Satsita Muradova came to the U.S. from Chechnya.  She survived two wars and worked to prosecute Russian authorities for war crimes in Chechnya.  When that landed her on Vladimir Putin’s hit list, Satsita came to the U.S., where she received asylum.  Now a citizen, Satsita brings her passion for human rights to the office every day, helping clients navigate the maze of U.S. immigration law.

Naya Gonzalez-Beristain

Naya Gonzalez

Naya Gonzalez is originally from Mexico.  She has run her own businesses in DC and has business experience well beyond her 28 years.  She makes the trains run on time here, handling everything from making sure that we all have the coffee we need to helping clients set appointments and understand the fees, and making sure that our internet, air conditioning and employee benefits remain stable.

Liana Elizabeth Montecinos

Liana Montecinos

Liana Montecinos came to the U.S. at the age of 11 from Honduras.  She threw herself into schoolwork, athletics and social justice, graduating with honors and winning a scholarship to George Mason University.  Yet, she found herself in deportation proceedings.  Liana got one of the first discretionary terminations of deportation proceedings and immediately applied for asylum.  Liana’s passion for social justice and her work with immigrant children made her a target of the gangs that control Honduras.  Liana will soon be a citizen of the U.S. and she will soon be a lawyer (yes, she goes to law school when she leaves the office).

Adilene Nuñez is a double immigrant.  First, her family came from Mexico and then Adi moved

Adi Nuñez and new US citizen Flavia Rodriguez

Adi Nuñez and new US citizen Flavia Rodriguez

here from California.  The California-DC move may be more jarring than the Mexico-California move.  Adi was a law student in Dree’s immigration clinic at Catholic, where Dree recognized talent and brought her on board at BC.  She has gathered a number of significant wins since she got her law license less than a year ago!  Great things ahead for Adi.


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