Liana Elizabeth Montecinos is an Associate Attorney at Benach Collopy where she represents clients in immigration court, before Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Citizenship & Immigration Service (CIS)and The Department of State (DOS).  Liana recently graduated from the Law School at the University of the District of Columbia and she was admitted to the Bar to the District of Columbia in January 2019.  Prior to being a member of the bar, Liana worked for seven years as an immigration paralegal with Benach Collopy.

Liana is an asylee who became an attorney.  In addition, Liana is a featured author for Departamento 19, a Honduran newspaper for which she writes in Spanish about immigration and human rights issues, especially those affecting the Honduran community in the U.S.  Departamento 19 has recognized Liana as a five-star Honduran, a prestige bestowed upon the most prominent Hondurans living overseas.  This recognition is due to Liana’s long devotion and passion to help the less fortunate through activities such as creating and coaching soccer teams composed of low-income and at-risk children, tutoring, conducting fundraisers to feed the homeless and most recently creating United for Social Justice (USJ), a non-profit organization devoted to help youth access higher education.