Court Likely To Block Biden Immigration Rule
May 14, 2023
We Must Stand Up and Speak for the Children
February 14, 2020
Attorney Dree Collopy, A Practical guide to US Asylum Law and Procedure
October 18, 2019

In this weeks episode of Speaking of Justice, Attorney Dree K. Collopy, author of AILA’s Aslylum Primer, A practical Guide to US Asylum Law and Procedure, joins Mark Wahlstrom to discuss current events in immigration law, Asylum law practice and a summary of this definitive guide to Asylum Law Practice.

Attys Face Greater Urgency After High Court OKs Asylum Bar
September 17, 2019

The asylum restrictions recently greenlighted by the U.S. Supreme Court have left legal service providers at the U.S.-Mexico border scrambling to contest denials of asylum that are occurring in fast-tracked immigration.

Exclusive: New training document for asylum screenings reflects tougher U.S. stance
May 4, 2019

By changing the rules for asylum screenings the government “is erecting an invisible wall,” for those seeking protection, said Dree Collopy.

Trump’s tough student and work visa policies are pushing legal immigrants to Canada
February 25, 2019

“Filing an H-1B is not that complicated, but pretty much every filing for H-1Bs have gotten requests for additional material. Sixty-eight percent of H-1B filings have been flagged for additional filings, sometimes for federal court.”

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