Welcome to the New Benach Collopy Website

Welcome to the New Benach Collopy Website

Welcome to the new Benach Collopy website. We have redesigned and updated our website to give viewers the most accurate picture of who we are as an immigration law firm and as individuals.  We hope that our new website conveys the values that make us different from other firms.  These are:

  • Do good work.  Our immigration lawyers are recognized nationally as among the best at what they do.  We take hard cases.  We teach other lawyers how better to serve clients.  We understand U.S. immigration law and what it takes to be successful on an immigration case.
  • Care about the client.  You have to care about the client to serve them well.  Many of us are immigrants or come from immigrant families and we try to treat everyone how we would want our mother treated.
  • Treasure immigrants and immigration.  Appreciate and enjoy the gifts that immigration has brought our country.  Support movements for immigrant rights.  Donate generously to organizations working for change.  Dine at immigrants’ restaurants.  Buy immigrant art. Advocate. Organize. Resist. Agitate.
  • Have fun.  Get to know and like the clients.  Work with people who share our values.  Eat, sing, and celebrate with colleagues.  Share our client’s victories.  Welcome dogs.

The new website is meant to share these values through our photos, design and information.  The people in these photos are our actual clients, representing the diversity of clients Benach Collopy has served.  Our clients come from every country, from every walk of life, and from across the United States.  You may find them on a construction site or under the lights of Broadway.  These photos, from the great Stacy Beck, show clients who have become friends and the richness of the diversity that immigrants bring to our country.

We hope that the new website gives you an idea of who we are and the values we will bring to your case.

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