Waiting for DAPA: Is Today the Day the Supreme Court Rules?

SCOTUS to rule on DAPA soon

The Supreme Court is ready to rule on DAPA and expanded DACA soon.

Our eyes will be on the Supreme Court today to see if the Supreme Court will issue its decision in U.S. v. Texas, the DAPA/ DACA injunction case.  With the Court recessing in less than two weeks, an answer to the question of the legality of DAPA and expanded DACA is forthcoming soon.  The Court still has to issue decisions in 13 cases before the end of the term.  Some of those opinions will be issued today at 10AM Eastern.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the injunction issued by Texas judge Andrew Hanen, putting a hold on the President’s plan to provide a temporary reprieve from removal and employment authorization to up to five million undocumented immigrants who are the parents of U.S. citizens. The Supreme Court could lift the injunction and allow the administration to proceed with its DAPA and expanded DACA plan or it could uphold the injunction, effectively killing the plan for the remainder of President Obama’s term.  Its future will depend entirely on who is elected President.

If the Supreme Court lifts the injunction and allows the DAPA/expanded DACA plan to go forward, the administration will need some time to be ready to accept applications.  While the administration took many steps to prepare for DAPA and expanded DACA, those steps were placed on hold in 2015 when Judge Hanen issued his order.  Regardless of how long it takes for the administration to be ready, we will be ready to assist at Benach Collopy and you can schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys by calling 202-644-8600.

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