Vani Kulkarni, November 2014 client of the month

Vani Kulkarni, November 2014 client of the month

KulkarniOur Client of the Month for November 2014 is Vani Kulkarni, who recently become a permanent resident as an individual of extraordinary ability. Dr. Kulkarni is a globally recognized sociologist who has performed research and taught at Ivy League universities and leading institutions of education across the earth. One professor of sociology from Yale University wrote of Dr. Kulkarni that there is “no other scholar in the U.S. who, more than Vani Kulkarni, brings to our scientific community so thorough and distinctive knowledge of women’s health as a global problem.” In an era where everyone is freely espousing half-baked opinions on the Internet, Dr. Kulkarni quietly and methodically observes and listens to people in rural villages in India to learn how women make health care decisions and studies children in underfunded urban schools in Philadelphia to address the unique challenges they face. Dr. Kulkarni’s work “have significantly changed the way we look at rural transformation and poverty reduction and has improved the delivery of services among needy populations.” Dr. Kulkarni’s brilliant scholarship and her dedication to the poor and disenfranchised around the globe humble us and make us proud that she has chosen to call the U.S. her home.

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