Sen. Richard Durbin Discusses the DREAM Act, DHS’s “Deferred Action” Policy, and the Road Forward for DREAM Youth

More than a month ago, President Obama announced a major program offering undocumented immigrant youth who would qualify for relief under the DREAM Act the chance to apply for “deferred action,” protecting them against deportation. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) is an original sponsor and has been the foremost champion of the DREAM Act for the 11 years that the legislation has been pending.

Today, Senator Durbin held a conference with Dreamers from around the country regarding the DREAM Act. He also received a huge thank you from several Dreamers for his hard work in pushing for the passage of the legislation.  If passed into law, the DREAM Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for anyone who was brought here before the age of 16, lived here continuously for 5 years, graduated from high school/obtained a GED, went on to college or joined the military, and is currently under the age of 31.

“The DREAM Act would give the Dreamers here today—and thousands others like them—the opportunity to become our future doctors, teachers and soldiers,” Senator Durbin stated at his press conference.

In recent years, Senator Durbin has profiled dozens of these youths, who call themselves DREAMers, on the Senate floor, bringing to life the stories and struggles of young immigrants who are American in all ways but a piece of paper. Sen. Durbin’s floor speech this week will mark the 50th DREAMer he has featured on the Senate floor. Learn more about their inspiring stories here:

“Someday the DREAM Act will be the law of the land and on that day America will be a better nation.”

Please visit our Dream Act Deferred Action site to find answers to your questions regarding the deferred action program.

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