Pereira family, June 2014 clients of the month

Pereira family, June 2014 clients of the month

Pereira2Sometimes we really struggle on picking a single client of the month, but this was an easy one. Our clients of the month for June 2014 are Antonio and Alexis Pereira, who just returned from Brazil where Antonio received his immigrant visa, after over a decade of living without status in the U.S. Antonio was the first BR client to receive an immigrant visa under the I-601A provisional waiver program, which allowed people to seek waivers of inadmissibility due to unlawful presence prior to departing for their home country. Antonio received a waiver and returned to Brazil for reunions with his parents, siblings, cousins and family as well as the pressing business of going to the Embassy, getting the medical exam, and generally running around to make sure that he had everything he needed for the interview.
Antonio and Alexis met in the U.S. Alexis, a U.S. citizen from the Bronx , and Antonio have a baby girl, Josie. When the provisional waiver was announced, Alexis and Antonio saw a way to stabilize their family after years of living with the uncertainty of Antonio’s immigration status. However, the couple had dealt with more challenging things than immigration as they addressed life and death health issues. The uncertainty of illness dwarfs the mechanistic problems of immigration. With the same pluck and resiliency that the couple faced their medical challenges, they set out to obtain the provisional waiver, travel to Brazil, and come back home.
Antonio received his visa last month and just returned the to the U.S. The family is healthy, stable and secure and they sure have a cute little girl. We are so happy for these dear friends and clients.

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