Kyle, Client of the Month, March 2014

Kyle, Client of the Month, March 2014

KyleKyle is our Client of the Month for March 2014. Kyle became a United States citizen on March 10, 2014 when Gina Pastore, a supervisor for the Naturalization Section for the Newark office of the Citizenship & Immigration Service (CIS), invited Kyle to her office, with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, for a private oath ceremony. The Newark office of the CIS went out of its way to assist Kyle and make his acquisition of citizenship truly memorable. It was not always this way. Kyle went through an odyssey, touring all the federal agencies that touch on immigration- INS, CIS, the immigration court, a U.S. Consulate abroad CBP, and ICE. Even the FBI and the DEA had their roles because of Kyle’s status as a friend to U.S. law enforcement. The long process to get him a green card as lawyers and officials worked diligently to figure out an ambiguous and novel set of legal issues eventually gave way to a celebration within the U.S. CIS office in Newark, with the same people who worked through the case four years ago, when Kyle received his residence. Kyle is married to Francesca and they have a seven year old daughter with another child coming in April. While we are very happy for this family, we will miss Kyle as a client as we traveled a long and difficult road together.

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