Client of the Month April 2016- Dr. Aparna Pande

Client of the Month April 2016- Dr. Aparna Pande


We are thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Aparna Pande, our April 2016 Client of the Month and a new permanent resident.  Several months ago, we obtained an EB-1 approval for Dr. Pande as an outstanding researcher in the field of international politics of South Asia.  Dr. Pande is the Director of the Initiative on the Future of India and South Asia at the Hudson Institute.  Dr. Pande is a frequent contributor to media and publications about issues of national security, international politics, nuclear policy and foreign policy in South Asia.  Her petition for residence received support from high-ranking members of the military, ambassadors and diplomats, academics, and Congressional staff members.  One of her references wrote: “Dr. Pande is one of the outstanding scholars of her generation, especially with regard to issues affecting South Asia, including India and Pakistan, and American policy towards that important region. She stands apart from her peers in her direct knowledge of the subject matter she writes about, her analytic ability, and her ability to express her ideas forcefully and clearly.” 

South Asia remains a challenging region in matters of global security while simultaneously presenting limitless opportunities for economic growth and development.  As policy makers decide how to address these emerging challenges and opportunities, we are glad that they will continue to receive Dr. Pande’s insightful advice.  We eagerly await Dr. Pande’s forthcoming book “Chanakya to Modi: Ideas, Individuals and Institutions in India’s Foreign Policy,” to be published in Fall 2016.

Dr. Pande had been stuck in the EB-2 backlog for Indians waiting for a priority date to become current when she began to work with Ava Benach.  Ava quickly noted Dr. Pande’s extraordinary contributions to the global foreign policy discussions about South Asia and worked with Dr. Pande to put together a petition for her classification as an outstanding researcher.  That petition was quickly approved in light of Dr. Pande’s strong resume, publications and support from the foreign policy community.  She received her approval of residence just this month.  On a more personal level, Dr. Pande is one of our favorite people.  She is polite, humble and generous, which alone can make her extraordinary in the policy battles swirling in Washington.  Congratulations to Aparna!

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