A Cup of Coffee at Benach Collopy

A Cup of Coffee at Benach Collopy

We thought we were just being polite. Turns out, we were on to something. We offer all visitors to the office a drink when they arrive. In the hot, humid DC summer, a tall glass of water is almost always eagerly accepted. In winters increasing defined by the rude arrival of a polar vortex, coffee and tea warm people’s hands and hearts.

Now we learn that we are not simply being polite and hospitable, but we are engaging in a good business practice. Attorney Lee Rosen writes a blog called Divorce Discourse, but it is not usually about divorce law, but, rather, about the business of the practice of law. He recently wrote a piece entitled “Offer Me a Drink: It is the Polite Thing to Do” in which he discussed the value of making a client and a prospective client feel at ease, welcome and comfortable when they visit a lawyer. So many of our clients are facing extraordinary challenges and are anxious. The simple human connection made by offering a cup of coffee begins to build that relationship of trust which is essential for a good attorney-client relationship.

And, honestly, we have great coffee. This year, we bought a new coffee machine. It is a Jura and makes 14 different kinds of coffee. Want a cappuccino? No problem! Ristretto? Por supuesto! Or just a cup of good old American style joe? We got it!

In addition, we have a rivalry going on in the office between members of the team. Colombian office manager Juan insists that there is nothing to compete with pure Colombian coffee, while Leydin, from El Salvador, insists that the volcanic coffee from her home country is tops. Meanwhile, Isis, 100% Boricua, insists that Puerto Rican coffee is the best. Meanwhile, David is always extoling the virtues of Haitian coffee. We don’t know who is right, but we always have a good time trying a new roast.

We always say that we have the best coffee in Washington DC. Stop by and see for yourself!

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