Leydin Vasquez is a Senior Paralegal at Benach Collopy.  A native of El Salvador, Leydin has nearly three decades of experience working in all areas of immigration law.  From Temporary Protected Status for Central Americans to employment-based immigration for technology professionals, there is literally nothing in US immigration law that Leydin has not worked on.

Leydin also provides essential support to the attorneys in preparing court filings, gathering evidence, and making sure that the Client is always engaged and attuned to the work being done on their behalf.

Prior to joining Benach Collopy in September 2020, Leydin worked at Maggio Kattar for nearly thirty years.  During her time there, she worked with Ava Benach and Dree Collopy and the trio was able to reunite in 2020.

Leydin lives in Silver Spring with her husband, children and grandchildren.