Katiana M. Quindemil is a Senior Attorney at Benach Collopy LLC. As an experienced attorney, Katiana is dedicated to representing diverse multinational corporations, foreign individuals, executives, investors, and professionals, as well as acclaimed artists, business professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and athletes in employment-based and corporate immigration, and immigrant, non-immigrant, and temporary visas. She also has extensive experience in providing immigration-related guidance to multinational corporations and small businesses in many different sectors within the technology, petroleum, financial, startup, hospitality, manufacturing and embryo transfer industries.

Her commitment to immigration goes back to her days as a law student part of the Asylum & Immigrant Rights Clinic, where she assisted underprivileged clients seeking asylum in the United States, and victims of crimes and domestic violence. She also volunteered as a student researcher with the Centro Latinoamericano de Derechos Humanos (“CLADH”), a non-governmental, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works to promote and protect human rights throughout Latin America.

Katiana is passionate about the practice of law and is a dedicated advocate for her clients. She is a proud Cuban American, born and raised in Miami, Florida. Thanks to the diverse and rich cultural heritage that makes up Miami, she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, proficient in Italian and has working knowledge of Portuguese. This provides Katiana the ability to assist a larger span of individuals and serves key to her zealous advocacy in Miami’s multicultural metropolis, as well as throughout the United States.