TPS for Syrians extended by DHS

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Monday August 1 that it would re-designate Syria for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) through March 2018. When a country is designated for TPS, nationals of that country and non-nationals whose last place of residence was the designated country are eligible to apply for temporary protected status.  What this means is that Syrian immigrants and refugees already present in the United States who are granted TPS for Syrians are not removable from the United States based on their immigration status, can obtain an employment authorization, and may be granted travel authorization.

Fight Daesh by Embracing the Refugee

Fight Daesh by Embracing the Refugee At Benach Collopy, we share the outrage over the terrorist massacre in Paris.  We weep for the families who lives where turned inside out by a murderous death cult.  As residents of another Western capital, we are all too aware that we are also a target of the missionaries of hate.  Now, in the name of protecting us, many politicians call for an end to refugee admissions.