May 2015 Client of the Month- VM

May 2015 Client of the Month- VM VM is our Client of the Month for May 2015. VM became a client of Benach Collopy attorneys starting in 2008, when she was detained upon her arrival at the airport from Brazil. Today, after seven years, fights with four immigration agencies, and three immigration applications (asylum, adjustment of status, and naturalization), VM is now a United States citizen. VM fled terrible violence in Brazil because of her gender and sexual identity, and arrived in the United States in search of protection.

Visa Granted at U.S. Embassy in Brazil after I-601A Provisional Waiver Approved!

First, let us state outright: the inclusion of this Motley Crue video was done only at the suggestion of the client.  Benach Collopy is not, and never has been, a fan of Motley Crue.  But, as dedicated counselors, we will tolerate hair metal for the needs of the client.     We are happy to report that today we received our first visa at a U.S. Embassy abroad for an individual who required an I-601A provisional waiver