Transitions at Benach Collopy- Patrick Edition

Transitions at Benach Collopy- Patrick Edition Despite the wreckage that is the Washington Nationals baseball season, everyone can agree that Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo pulled off an enormous coup when he signed Max Scherzer.  Everywhere, we are reminded that BR pulled off a steal when we landed Patrick Taurel. Not a week goes by when someone does not say, “You got Patrick!”  And it is true: we got Patrick and he has been every bit the ace we expected him to be.

BR Has a New Lawyer!

BR Has a New Lawyer! We have waited just over three months for this day, where we can introduce Adi Nuñez as an attorney at Benach Collopy!  Although Adi has been with us since September, Adi was sworn in as a member of the bar of the State of Maryland today and now has all the rights, privileges and obligations of being a licensed attorney.  We welcome Adi into this profession that we love and know that Adi will use her powers to benefit our clients, their families and communities for years to come.

Coke’s Beautiful Ad

Coke's Beautiful Ad   Coca-Cola had a beautiful advertisement during the Super Bowl.  The ad featured America the Beautiful sung in a variety of languages by Americans of all different ethnicities.  It is easy to be jaded and cynical in that this was an attempt to sell one of the more unhealthy products we have created.  However, in the current political climate and the debates raging on immigration, identity, diversity and multiculturalism, the Coke ad showed that one of the most successful companies on the planet has cast its lot with a multicultural and inclusive America. 

BR Eats Tacos and Thinks About Immigration

BR Eats Tacos and Thinks About Immigration I had the best tacos I have ever had this weekend in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The whole Benach Collopy attorney gang headed out to the country to meet in the quiet of the mountains.  And, of course, in the middle of rural America, we found tacos.  Delicious tacos. I used to work with a colleague who used to discuss the virtues of America’s unique immigrant history by pointing out the benefits to American cuisine.