Sudipto and Somasree, Clients of the Month, September 2013

Sudipto and Somasree, Clients of the Month, September 2013


Our clients, Sudipto Banerjee and Somasree Dasgupta, are our clients of the month for September 2013. In August, the CIS informed the couple that their applications for adjustment of status to residence has been approved. The approval came approximately three months after the CIS also decided that Dr. Banerjee is an outstanding researcher in the field of labor economics. Dr. Banerjee is a researcher with the Employee Benefits Research Institute, an organization engaged in research of issues affecting retirement, savings, and health programs. In our petition on behalf of Dr. Banerjee, a leading economist stated that Dr. Banerjee is “an exceptional researcher who has made important contributions to the understanding of the financial needs, literacy, and motivations of older people.” His research and publications are especially timely as the public debate beings to address entitlements in the federal and state budgets and their long term sustainability.
Dr. Banerjee’s work has been presented to Congress and the national media is a driving force behind many of the proposals to address and reform America’s retirement systems. A young man and a serious scholar, it is certain that Dr. Banerjee’s work will now continue to guide discussions of policy for decades to come and the results will be better due to Dr. Banerjee’s outstanding research.

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