TM, Client of the Month, February 2014

TM, Client of the Month, February 2014

We are pleased to recognize TM  as our February 2014 client of the month. Over the past 25 years, she has dedicated herself to the betterment of the United States, raising and providing for three United States citizen children as a single mother, dedicating herself to her education and training to become a nurse, working as a nurse for the elderly and for young children with special healthcare needs, participating in political activities in the U.S. to peacefully fight for democracy in Zimbabwe, and actively contributing to her church and neighborhood communities. After 20 years in the United States, TM was served a Notice to Appear and placed in removal proceedings before the Baltimore Immigration Court. Through our assistance, she applied for cancellation of removal and asylum relief in defense of her removal from the United States. After four years of hearings before the Baltimore Immigration Court, TM was able to overcome the government’s one year filing deadline for asylum applications by demonstrating that she falls within the narrow exceptions to this rule. TM is now an asylee of the United States, where she can live safe from persecution on account of her political beliefs, and where she can continue to make significant contributions to her U.S. citizen children, those who need dedicated medical care, and American society as a whole. We are lucky to have her.

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