Clients of the Month December 2015- Rudi and Alba Reyes

Clients of the Month December 2015- Rudi and Alba Reyes
Team Reyes

Team Reyes

Sometimes our work is in fixing the errors of previous attorneys.  That is what happened to Rudi and Alba Reyes, who walked into our offices with removal orders entered by an immigration judge in Baltimore, MD.  The immigration judge ordered them removed after their lawyer failed to file an application for a waiver of inadmissibility with the court as requested by the court.  The removal order potentially meant that this couple who have lived in the U.S. since 1989, have three U.S. citizen children, and good and steady jobs would have to return to Guatemala.  The importance of Rudi and Alba to their employer was evident as the employer came to the consultation and signed an engagement letter and a check to support Rudi’s immigration case.

The previous lawyer had appealed the removal order to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).  We had to file a motion to send the case back to the judge stating that Rudi’s former lawyer erred by failing to file the waiver application.  The BIA agreed and sent the case back to the immigration judge.  Once back before the immigration judge, we filed the waiver application and all the supporting materials.  We showed that Rudi and Alba are great parents and valuable members of the community.  Rudi’s employer testified and told the judge how important Rudi was to his business and how he intends to give a sizable portion of his company to Rudi upon his retirement.  Rudi told the judge about his daughter in the armed forces, his other daughter who works in health care and his thirteen year old.  And, finally, after 26 years in the U.S., one removal order, three kids and a career climbing the supervisory ladder with his employer, Rudi and Alba are looking forward to spending la navidad in Guatemala with family they last saw when they were teenagers.

Rudi was represented by Ava Benach, Adi Nuñez and Liana Montecinos.

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