Client of the Month- May 2022- Lady!

Client of the Month- May 2022- Lady!
Lady and her two boys!

For our client of the month for May we have a perfect Client for Mother’s Day! Here we celebrate a woman who did what mothers do best- protect her children and create a better life for them. We are happy to share that Lady and her sons, Diego and Juan, were granted asylum! Ava Benach represented them before the immigration court in New York. Lady and her sons fled to the United States after years of standing up to the FARC and other Colombian guerrilla groups. They suffered horrendous persecution in Colombia for their resistance to the guerrillas and their support of the government, including a robbery of all the cattle from their farm (leaving them with no way to support themselves), extortion and death threats, and an attempt on the life of Lady’s brother-in-law. Finally, the guerrillas murdered Lady’s husband, forcing her and her children into hiding. The guerrillas continued hunting for them and even traced Lady’s children to their schools, but thankfully the family was able to escape the country before they were found.

Lady has worked hard to rebuild her life here in the US and to provide her sons with all the care and support they need to recover from these horrific traumas. She works two jobs and also recently opened her own company. Diego hopes to open his own business some day as a fashion designer, while Juan wants to be an FBI agent when he grows up. Lady is so happy to be able to provide her sons the opportunity to grow up safe and have everything that would never have been possible for them in Colombia. We are so thrilled for this family and are happy to celebrate with them!

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