BR Client of the Month – February 2013

BR Client of the Month – February 2013

bangladeshHere at Benach Collopy, we fight for families – families like our clients from Bangladesh, who were separated for over five years because of a misunderstanding at a consular interview and a mistake that the consul repeatedly refused to correct.  A naturalized U.S. citizen husband petitioned for his wife and young son to bring them to the United States, excited to build a life together in the country that he now called home.  Yet, the consulate refused to issue the wife her visa, alleging that she had made a misrepresentation.  This alleged misrepresentation was neither material to the application nor was it a misrepresentation at all – what she had said to the consul was true. However, the consul refused to correct the error.  The family came to us and we prepared and filed an I-601 application for a waiver of inadmissibility on her behalf, demonstrating that if she was kept apart from her U.S. citizen husband, he would continue to suffer from depression and anxiety.  He would continue living in near-poverty while trying to support two households in two different countries.  When our client’s waiver finally was granted, our perseverance and resolve were given the ultimate reward: this family is now spending their days together in their adopted nation, their home – the United States.

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