Benach Collopy heads to the Music City!

For the next four days, the partners at Benach Collopy will be at the 2012 Annual Conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) in Nashville, Tennessee.  Despite Nashville’s world class music scene, BR attorneys will be busy presenting to other immigration lawyers, attending strategy meetings, raising funds for immigrant defense and learning from other immigration attorneys instead of listening to the famous Nashville twang.  Thursday night, Benach Collopy partner Thomas Ragland will receive the President’s Commendation from AILA President Eleanor Pelta in recognition of his leadership of the newly created AILA Federal Litigation section, which provides ideas, support and inspiration to attorneys seeking to challenge agency action in federal court.  On Friday, Thomas will serve as discussion leader for a panel discussion entitled “Federal Court Litigation Masters,” which will focus on creative litigation strategies and solutions to the most vexing problems.  On Saturday, Benach will serve as discussion leader for a panel discussion entitled “The Latest Developments in Crimmigration Law,” which will help attorneys navigate the shifting landscape of criminal removability issues.  In addition, throughout the meeting, BR attorneys Jennifer Cook and Dree Collopy will participate in strategy sessions on detention issues, asylum and other hot topics.  And, on Friday night, there is a fundraising event for the American Immigration Council, which provides advocacy services and legal support for immigrant rights.  If you can’t be there, please consider donating online.

Even with this busy schedule, you can be sure that we will take some time to catch up with old friends, find a good meal, and reflect on this amazing year.

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