Argument Recap from the Supreme Court- Jennings v. Rodriguez: The Mandatory Detention Case

This article originally appeared on Law360: Starting in July 1999, Hoang Minh Ly, a refugee and permanent resident of the United States, spent 564 days in detention by U.S. immigration authorities who sought his removal to his native Vietnam.[i]  He was released from detention only after a U.S. District Court in September 2000 ordered that an immigration judge provide him with a bond hearing.  That order was the result of an August 1999 petition for a writ of habeas corpus filed by Ly. 

DACA: Some Venting and Some Solutions

DACA: Some Venting and Some Solutions Of all the stupid, dirty, slimy, no-good, treasonous, villainous, putrid, double-crossing treachery, low life, vengeful, mean-spirited, spiteful, nasty, pin-headed, pathetic, weak, ugly, traitorous, short-sighted, weak-kneed, unbecoming, dumb, awful, smelly, vile, cruel, vicious, unjustifiable, illogical, unfriendly, basic, ungrateful, pig-nosed, trashy, small-minded, ham-handed, mercenary, ruinous, bad, fallacious, godawful, crummy, abominable, bad trip, lame, poor, slipshod, cruddy, wicked, corrupt, mean, discouraging, unpleasant, sulfurous, harsh, rotten, scandalous and just plain uncool things that Donald Trump has done, his elimination of DACA, after promising to treat the Dreamers with “great heart,” has to be the worst, the lowest, the meanest, the weakest and the dumbest thing his administration has done. 

End of DACA- What are the new rules?

End of DACA- What are the new rules?   This is the first of several articles detailing the changes to the DACA program announced on Tuesday September 5, 2017.  This is meant to give quick and dirty information, whereas the next one we will: (1) get our emotions out; (2) plan our resistance; and (3) offer ideas how DACA holders can protect themselves. Sandwiched between the natural disasters of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Trump administration unleashed its own man made disaster by eliminating Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) on September 5, 2017. 

August 2017 Client of the Month- Milan Stankovic

August 2017 Client of the Month- Milan Stankovic This month we are thrilled to recognize Milan Stankovic as our client of the month.  After filing his I-589 asylum application and three evidentiary filings, several hours of grueling interviews, numerous status inquiries, and six long years of seeking protection in the United States, Milan has finally been granted asylum.  Milan, previously a professional soccer player and small business owner in his home country of Serbia, fled his home in 2011 following years of brutal violence against him. 

We’re Moving! But we are Making Two Stops!

We're Moving!  But we are Making Two Stops! Our new home at 4530 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Boxes are full and stacked.  Art is off the walls.  Copies of the Immigration & Nationality Act from 2012 have been donated (although it is not like Congress has made many changes to the Act).  Several hours of discussions with telephone providers, IT specialists, movers, and real estate professionals have all led up to this moment: we are moving out of 1333 H Street, NW as of August 30, 2017

Intern Week! Christine Rains: How Christine Got Her Agency Back

Intern Week!  Christine Rains: How Christine Got Her Agency Back Christine Rains Just a few short months ago I was studying abroad and living in Madrid, having never lived in the United States under the new Trump administration. Every night I would watch headlines about the new administration’s policies in relation to immigration streaking across the screen and I would sigh with frustration and shame as my host family would question how I felt about everything. Earnestly, I was downtrodden and felt rather helpless and complacent in the way that I was not doing anything constructive to help the situation—I really just wanted to know what I could do.

Benach Collopy Intern Week!

Benach Collopy Intern Week! Lily Hamilton, Sophie Macklem-Johnson and Christine Rains outside the York County Jail in York, PA. It’s intern week at Benach Collopy!  During this week, we spotlight the work that our interns have done over the summer.  We show some of their personalities, their goals and the hard work that they put in for us and our clients. This summer we have had three interns and a fellow (hashtag idea!). 

Benach Collopy Attorneys at AILA Annual Conference: Beignets, awards, asylum and humidity

Benach Collopy Attorneys at AILA Annual Conference: Beignets, awards, asylum and humidity   Last week, Benach Collopy attorneys Ava Benach, Dree Collopy and Adi Nuñez  traveled to New Orleans to attend the 2017 Annual Conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  As we approached New Orleans, we knew that we were flying into a storm, literally and figuratively.  Tropical Storm Cindy stood menacingly off the shores, while the hurricane that has been this administration was blowing all around us. 

Remembering Elias Eljuri: A Client and a Friend

Remembering Elias Eljuri: A Client and a Friend Elias E. Eljuri There are moments in life when the true nature of something is revealed in the fog.  Sometimes, an object will only reveal itself slowly as the fog lifts.  Other times the object shines brightly cutting through the fog with its clarity. For example, as the evidence of Russian interference and espionage in the 2016 Presidential election mounts, the true nature of the Russian government is becoming increasing apparent to many in the U.S. 

Client of the Month March 2017: Torng Eang

Client of the Month March 2017: Torng Eang Our Client of the Month for March 2017 is Torng Eang, a 17-year-old boy from Cambodia who has been separated from his mother for almost his entire life.  When Torng was two years old, his mother fled Cambodia in fear for her life after suffering years of abuse and violence.  Following her entry to the United States, Torng’s mother sought lawful status; however, given the backlogs before USCIS and the immigration courts, it took her over 15 years to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States.