Intern Week! Jane Vukmer and Seventeen Trans Asylum Cases!

My name is Jane Vukmer, and I am a third-year student at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. This summer, I worked as the Trans Asylum Fellow for Benach Collopy and Whitman-Walker. The Benach Collopy and Whitman-Walker legal partnership provides pro bono legal services to transgender asylum seekers who have been victimized, abused, tortured, and persecuted in their country of origin. I have had the great privilege to work on seventeen different asylum cases involving transgender women from Central America who fled their country due to persecution based on gender identity.

Intern Week! Christine Rains: How Christine Got Her Agency Back

Intern Week!  Christine Rains: How Christine Got Her Agency Back Christine Rains Just a few short months ago I was studying abroad and living in Madrid, having never lived in the United States under the new Trump administration. Every night I would watch headlines about the new administration’s policies in relation to immigration streaking across the screen and I would sigh with frustration and shame as my host family would question how I felt about everything. Earnestly, I was downtrodden and felt rather helpless and complacent in the way that I was not doing anything constructive to help the situation—I really just wanted to know what I could do.

Intern Week! Lily Talks Iowa Politics

Intern Week! Lily Talks Iowa Politics Immigration in Iowa: Countering Dominant Narratives by Lily Hamilton* *Lily Hamilton is an intern at Benach Collopy where she works on asylum issues, LGBT immigration issues, and the fine art of satisfying the Immigration Court Practice Manual.   I stumbled across an article awhile back on the New York Times site that sparked my interest. As a native Iowan, naturally any article from the Times mentioning my home state would give me pause.

Benach Collopy Intern Week!

Benach Collopy Intern Week! Lily Hamilton, Sophie Macklem-Johnson and Christine Rains outside the York County Jail in York, PA. It’s intern week at Benach Collopy!  During this week, we spotlight the work that our interns have done over the summer.  We show some of their personalities, their goals and the hard work that they put in for us and our clients. This summer we have had three interns and a fellow (hashtag idea!). 

What is going on with DACA?

What is going on with DACA? The future of President Obama’s program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is the subject of intense speculation and even more significant anxiety. Worry over the fate of the program increased significantly this week after Secretary of Homeland Security General John Kelly told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that it was not clear that DACA could survive a court challenge being threatened by ten states against the program. 

Benach Collopy Attorneys at AILA Annual Conference: Beignets, awards, asylum and humidity

Benach Collopy Attorneys at AILA Annual Conference: Beignets, awards, asylum and humidity   Last week, Benach Collopy attorneys Ava Benach, Dree Collopy and Adi Nuñez  traveled to New Orleans to attend the 2017 Annual Conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  As we approached New Orleans, we knew that we were flying into a storm, literally and figuratively.  Tropical Storm Cindy stood menacingly off the shores, while the hurricane that has been this administration was blowing all around us.