All The President’s Immigration Lawsuits

forbes “The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act specifically states that any person who is physically present or who ‘arrives’ in the United States, ‘whether or not at a designated port of arrival and . . . irrespective of such [person’s] status, may apply for asylum,’” said Dree Collopy, a partner at Benach Collopy, in an interview. “The Trump administration has ignored the plain text of the statute and blocked access to the U.S. asylum system through a series of policies that essentially eliminate asylum as an option at our southern border, in violation of U.S. international and domestic legal obligations.”

US launches plan for asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

AP news “With this policy, the Trump administration is purposefully keeping Central Americans in unsafe conditions without access to counsel and evidence in an effort to send them straight back to the hands of their persecutors.” - Dree Collopy

Trump is right: There is a crisis at the border. But he’s causing it.

washington post logo "President Trump tried to claim Tuesday night that shutting down the federal government over his demand for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border is a compassionate action — that he is taking a stand on behalf of the American public and even immigrants in response to what he called a “humanitarian and security crisis.” Trump was right about one thing: What’s happening on the southern border is a crisis. But it is his choices that have created it, and his wall would not solve anything." -- Dree Collopy